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Storage >> Thecus >> Network Attached Storage (NAS) & IPSAN  
Thecus N4100 (4 Bay) Tower Storage.
MRP Rs. 32900.00
Offer Rs. 27900.00
 N4100 Product Specifications
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 Country: Portugal | Media: Info Hardware | Product: N4100PRO

"As we said above, the Thecus NAS server provides good performance even with multiple drives assembled and aggregated into a RAID configuration with fault protection. The Thecus N4100PRO is a very attractive system for a small office or company, and may also be used at home without any problems at the consumer level."
Country: USA | Media: Overclockers Club | Product: N4100PRO

"Thecus touts the N4100PRO as the NAS server with unmatched speed and total security. With that kind of billing, it would seem the N4100PRO would be perfect for a small/medium-sized business or a serious-minded home user. With a range of features like RAID 0/1/5/6/10 and 5 + hot spare and advanced level capabilities such as iSCSI support and RAID level migration and expansion the N4100PRO certainly has the pedigree for the job."

Country: Australia | Media: PC User | Product: N4100PRO

"If you’re living in a multi-PC household, having a central networked storage repository like this unit is a great way to share content and also make sure everyone’s important files are backed up safely. This four-bay network-attached storage device offers a pretty compelling combination of price and performance, with a full range of RAID modes supported (0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and JBOD), hot-swappable drive trays and there’s even the ability to install additional modules to add more features, like a BitTorrent download client. Plugging in four 2TB hard drives can give you up to 8TB of space, and there’s even three USB ports to which you can add external USB drives or a USB printer.” 

Country: Spain | Media: Hardware Analisis | Product: N4100PRO

"Thecus has left us greatly impressed with the N4100PRO, one of the most powerful NAS systems the manufacturer has. Due to its characteristics and performance, rather than the domestic market, the Thecus N4100PRO is focused on small and medium businesses that need a file system accessible to all employees. Thecus NAS This is a very powerful tool, both for the many hardware configurations that allow us to make the settings as the software itself that Thecus has developed. Control over any of the parameters of the NAS to have is maximized; there is no parameter that is left to chance."

Country: Russia | Media: 3D NEWS | Product: N4100,N4100PRO

"Undoubtedly, the Thecus N4100 PRO can be recommended for home and small office users thanks to its stylish design, HDD hot swapping support, well-thought web interface and high data transfer rates. This new device can make a good platform for web site support, enterprise data storage or become an entertainment center for easy share of video and music files via the Internet or LAN network. The price of Thecus N4100 PRO is about RUR 20.000, which is rather reasonable for such type of NAS, and justified by the quality and excellent performance of the device."

Country: Australia | Media: PC User | Product: N4100PRO

"...given the features, function and performance, this is a great value if you want to build your own huge storage system (up to 8TB using the latest 2TB drives)."

Country: USA | Media: AMD ZONE | Product: N4100PRO

"…all of us have vital information on our computers and many of us it isn't out of the question to even have terabytes of data full of libraries of information. HD is definitely not the end either, it may be the pinnacle of for video resolution in the present but as always things will continue to evolve and change and as with every other part of the computer, storage will need to be increased and kept safe. SSD discs should be more reliable but are no match for the vast storage size of conventional hard drives which simply do fail. The Thecus N4100PRO provides for an excellent solution to not only back-up this important data but also to access from numerous computers through a user friendly GUI with a host of bonus features and extras. If you're interested in a NAS then this one for small business or consumer that you can't go wrong with."

Country: Australia | Media: apc | Product: M3800,N4100PRO

"As well as being able to drag and drop your own media to the Stream Box, the software comes with its own download manager, with support for HTTP, FTP and BitTorrent downloading. Although it's more suited to the technically-minded user, its ability to act as a storage and playback device makes it worth considering for any home media setup."

Country: Italy | Media: Bitcity | Product: N4100PRO

"Thecus N4100 PRO is quiet, quick to setup and fully customizable. It is suitable for small businesses that need a file server without an exorbitant price tag."

Country: USA | Media: Legit Reviews | Product: N4100PRO

"All in all, the Thecus N4100PRO NAS is a nice little box that is feature rich, looks nice, is quiet, and is easy to use."



  • System Information at a Glance 
    Equipped with a big, bright LCM module, the N4100PRO displays useful status messages such as IP address, date and time, and RAID status, making it easy for users to keep an eye on the condition of their N4100PRO. With the LCM module, N4100PRO users can even configure the unit in a dimly-lit living room for added convenience.
  • Flexible Secure Storage Options
    The N4100PRO also improves on its predecessor by adding RAID 6 and RAID 10, providing users have even more options for data storage. What's more, the N4100PRO also supports RAID expansion, allowing users to add more storage to their RAID volumes as their needs arise. With the N4100PRO, users have the flexibility to store their data their way.
  • Superb Network Reliability
    Being able to connect to your storage unit at all times is essential. That's why the N4100PRO comes with network bonding in fail over mode. With this feature, the N4100PRO can automatically switch to its second Gigabit Ethernet port should the first one fail for any reason. The result is a zero network downtime and increased reliability for N4100PRO users.
  • Enhanced Performance
    Those familiar with Thecus products know of their extreme performance. For the N4100PRO, Thecus has raised the stakes by more than doubling the data transfer performance of its predecessor, delivering data transfer speeds of 35MB/sec! Equipped with the N4100PRO, media enthusiasts and SMBs don't have to wait around when accessing their data.

 Beginning with the introduction of the N4100 NAS device, Thecus has rocked the world of digital storage with innovation after innovation. Today, Thecus is proud to reveal the brand new 4-bay NAS – N4100PRO. With powerful new RAID options, a built-in LCD, and vastly improved data throughput, the N4100PRO ups the ante once again with increased usability, functionality, and performance.

Powered by the AMD Geode™ LX800 processor and 256MB of DDR400 memory, the N4100PRO delivers the raw horsepower required to transfer files quickly and efficiently. With updated hardware and a ton of performance improvements, the data transfer speed of N4100PRO doubles that of the original N4100! Four 3.5" SATA hard disk bays enable sufficient storage for all usages, and users can manage this space with an updated list of RAID mode selections, including 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and JBOD. The N4100PRO also offers advanced RAID management features, including RAID expansion andRAID level migration for ultimate flexibility. To top it off, the N4100PRO comes equipped with a big, bright LCM module, which displays useful status messages such as IP address, date and time, and RAID status, making it easy for users to keep an eye on the condition of their N4100PRO. With features like these, the N4100PRO is easier to manage than ever.

The feature-rich Thecus N4100PRO combines innovative design and the low-power, high-performance of the AMD Geode processor to deliver a robust storage solution,”said Buddy Broeker, director of AMD’s Embedded Computing Solutions Division. “The N4100PRO offers a compelling solution for households to easily store and share their digital media throughout the home network.”

Of course, raw performance is nothing without reliability, and the N4100PRO delivers this in spades. On the back of the N4100PRO are two Gigabit Ethernet ports that come with network bonding in fail over mode. With this feature, the N4100PRO can automatically switch to its second Gigabit Ethernet port should the first one fail for any reason. To ensure quality of service, the N4100PRO also comes equipped with link aggregation with 802.3ad and load balancing. The result is a zero network downtime and increased reliability for N4100PRO users.

The N4100PRO also brings a huge selection of useful features to the table. To keep multimedia moguls happy, the N4100PRO can act as a media server, iTunes server, and photo web server at the drop of a hat. The included download manager makes it easy to schedule and download BT, HTTP, and FTP downloads during off-peak hours, and IP Cam support allows users to turn their N4100PRO into a home surveillance unit. The N4100PRO can mount ISO files and share them across the entire network, and users can even further expand its functionality with module support.

“We created the N4100PRO with speed and total security in mind,” notes Thecus General Manager Florence Shih. “With new features, increased reliability, and enhanced performance, users will discover that the N4100PRO is a more than worthy successor for the four-bay N4100 that started it all.”


  Hardware Platform 



LAN Interface

RJ-45x2 : 10/100/1000 BASE-TX Auto MDI/MDI-X

USB Interface

USB 2.0 host port x3 (2xRear, 1xFront)

LED Indicator

  • Power(Blue)
  • System Busy (Orange)
  • HDD1 Power, Activity/Fail(Blue, Yellow/Red)
  • HDD2 Power, Activity/Fail(Blue, Yellow/Red)
  • HDD3 Power, Activity/Fail(Blue, Yellow/Red)
  • HDD4 Power, Activity/Fail(Blue, Yellow/Red)
  • WAN (Activity : Green, WOL supported)
  • LAN (Activity : Green, WOL supported)
  • System Failure (Red)

LCD Module

Displays system status and information

Power Supply

Internal 200W power supply

Disk Interface

SATA x4 via backplane

Thermal Control

  • Thermal sensor on HDD temperature
  • System temperature control


  • Power button
  • LCM operating buttons(Front)


Metal Chassis


  • Temperature : 5°C to 40°C
  • Humidity : 0 ~ 80 % R.H. (Non-condensing)

Power Consumption

  • Standby mode: 62W
  • Full Loading: 84W with 1.5TB Seagate * 4 HDD installed

Sound Pressure Level

  • Without HDD: 21.3 dB(A)
  • With HDD: 23.9 dB (A) with 1.5TB Seagate * 4 HDD installed

2. Software Functions


RAID Modes

RAID 0, 1, 5, 6,10, JBOD





RAID Expansion


RAID Level Migration



Power Management

Spin down while idle time setup


Support roaming to other N4100PRO NAS





Fixed IP Address, Dynamic IP Address, Jumbo Frame

IP Sharing Mode

Supports WAN port IP address for LAN and Wireless LAN clients


802.3ad, Load Balancing, FailOver

Transport Protocols


File Protocols


Data Access

Client OS Support

  • Windows 7/2000/XP/2003/Vista
  • UNIX/Linux
  • Mac OS 9 / X 


Web-based file access


Built in FTP server with bandwidth control

Download Manager

HTTP / FTP / BT /eMule (module)

Printer Server (IPP)

  • Supports USB printers
  • Supports IPP various printers
  • Client can manage the print job queue via WEB interface

Data Backup

USB Copy Via LCM Operate

Copy USB Mass storage device contents to specified location to NAS

Client Data Backup

Acronis True image(OEM version)

Client System Disaster Recovery

Acronis True image(OEM version)

NAS Remote Replication

Via Thecus proprietary Nsync