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Thecus N4200 (4 Bay) Total Redundant Tower Storage. Storage up to 12TB.
MRP Rs. 49900.00
Offer Rs. 41900.00
 N4200 Product Specification
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Country: Spain | Media: PC World | Product: N4200

"…the web interface is very comprehensive and intuitive and is fully in Spanish."

Country: Denmark | Media: ITRENDS | Product: N4200

"…the N4200 is technically the best solution we've had on the table because the UPS/backup battery is included as standard and the price is also very interesting. The Thecus N4200 NAS Server earns an impressive 95 points on or iTrends scoring system for an ultra-cool 4-disk NAS solution. The transition to the ATOM D510 processor makes the N4200 a lightning fast and effective NAS solution. Features including the back-up battery/UPS and DUAL DOM feature especially give the NAS high marks...." 

Country: Turkey | Media: CHIP Online | Product: N4200

"Beyond all of these features, the most prominent feature of the N4200 is the dual power supply. For example, a blackout during a firmware update may make the product unusable, but with the N4200's lithium battery, this problem is lost to history."The verdict from CHIP Online: "Offering the highest level of security, Thecus' N4200 is tailored for storage."

Country: Indonesia | Media: HWM Indonesia | Product: N4200

 "The Thecus N4200 read performance was 64.79MB/sec and 86.43MB/sec write when used in RAID 5, which it also supports... As usual, Thecus relies on including a lot of data security. Plus with its innovative battery, it makes the Thecus eligible to be a priority purchase."

Country: France | Media: 59Hardware | Product: N4200

"Finally, this NAS Thecus N4200 is a very good 4 bay product. All is good and very consistent: a well-finished housing, clean architecture, and a processor used and recognized by the best on the market for performance is entirely up to the task...the strong point of this is undoubtedly its power supply which includes a battery. This ensures continuity of supply in case of failure. Thus, if power were to be cut, the NAS would handle requests for a few last minutes and then shut down safely, protecting its system and data! It is a revolution in the field and we bestow it with our innovation award."

Country: Spain | Media: Hardware Analisis | Product: N4200

"We believe we have given a complete review of one of the best Thecus NAS, the N4200, a storage system that will please all users. The Thecus N4200 is a brilliant product: powerful, with excellent connectivity, high capacity storage with a great software, with good support ... In short: Excellent! Furthermore, in our tests the N4200 has behaved very well, offering very high transfer rates."

Country: Germany | Media: TweakPC | Product: N4200

"The Thecus N4200 is certainly one of the best overall NAS systems that we have tested so far, if there are safety, performance and power consumption concerns. Thecus has really done everything right. Although we had already NAS systems, the N4200 in some areas surpass, but the overall package is simply the most homogenous in the N4200. Those who secure a universal data storage with good performance is looking to take an important data collection, the dice could send absolutely nothing wrong with making this. The Thecus N4200 is really a NAS for all cases."

Country: USA | Media: TestFreaks | Product: N4200

"Thecus makes some excellent products, I know this from firsthand experience as I’ve had a Thecus NAS box running 24/7 for well over a year now and have never one issue with it, besides running out of space, but that’s my fault…The Thecus N4200 is a stable unit that will satisfy even the most demanding work environments, and users. The Intel Atom dual core CPU and the 1gig of ram work well together to insure smooth and fast transfers across the board. The built in security features are an extra added bonus and a welcome one, the N4200 is truly a Zero-Crash NAS box. If you’re looking for a NAS box that’s full of features and has excellent performance then I can recommend the N4200 easily."

Country: Russia | Media: iXBT | Product: N4200

"When using a standard platform, the differences between the various models are mainly in the software component. However, Thecus has been able to surprise us in terms of hardware implementation - its built rechargeable battery, the ability to install a standard PCIe expansion card, matrix screen with control buttons allowing you to change some parameters of the device without resorting to the web-interface, and OS redundancy increases the resiliency of the drive. For all this, it receives our 'original design’ award."

Country: Singapore | Media: HWM Singapore | Product: N4200

"Bottom line, Thecus certainly has a winner here with the N4200, especially with the inclusion of the built-in backup battery feature."



  • Intel Dual Core CPU for Snappy System Performance
    Two heads are better than one, which is why the N4200's dual core Intel® CPU can deliver increased system response and handle multiple clients quickly and efficiently. Enjoy the performance and power of the N4200 with Intel Inside.
  • Unmatched Reliability with Dual DOM Design
    A Disk On Module (DOM) contains all of the system's critical software. If it stops working for any reason, your system firmware could be inaccessible - or worse. With the N4200's Dual DOM Design, a secondary DOM automatically reprograms the primary DOM if it fails, meaning your data is always safe and accessible. 
  • Easy Administration with Dual Displays
    Featuring two separate displays, the N4200 is incredibly friendly to use. The LCD displays critical system information, including hard disk and network status, while the OLED allows you to change a number of different system settings, such as WAN, LAN, Link Aggregation, languages and more.
  • Dual Power for Untouchable Data Integrity
    Sudden power failures can spell trouble for your data. If the power goes out during a firmware upgrade, your entire system could be at risk. Enter the N4200's Battery Backup Module (BBM). With the equipped lithium-ion BBM, all unwritten data is automatically saved into hard disks, ensuring both data and system integrity at all times.
  • Increased Flexibility with Dual HDD Profile Support
    The N4200 features Thecus' unique combo SATA hard disk bays, which can accommodate both 2.5" and 3.5" SATA hard disks! Choose 2.5" drives for lower power consumption and quieter operation, or 3.5" drives for extra capacity and performance. With the N4200, the choice is yours.


 In the digital age, people are creating and accessing digital content like never before. As such, they require a storage device that is powerful enough to store and serve this content, but friendly enough to manage quickly and effortlessly. Today, digital storage leader Thecus® Technology is proud to announce the Thecus® N4200. Fast, secure, and incredibly easy-to-use, the N4200 is the ideal home NAS for the digital lifestyle.

The N4200 was designed to enable users to access their data both quickly and easily. It begins with the new Intel® Atom™ dual-core processor D510, which runs at 1.66GHz and, in combination with 1GB of DDR2 memory, delivers both blistering data transfer speeds and increased system response. Users can easy manage their unit with the N4200’s dual displays. The LCD offers a wealth of system information, including hard disk and network status, while the big and bright 2.8” OLED display allows users to modify a number of settings directly on the device including WAN, LAN, Link Aggregation, languages and more, making the N4200 the friendliest Thecus® NAS ever.

“The enormous growth of Internet-connected devices and rich media content in the home is driving demand for innovative Network Attached Storage solutions that are powerful yet easy to use,” said Seth Bobroff, General Manager, Data Center Group – Storage. “The Intel® Atom™ processor D510 powers the Thecus N4200 NAS Server to deliver a responsive and reliable storage solution that enables consumers to enjoy and conveniently manage their digital lifestyles.”

Of course, the N4200 is incredibly adept at both storing and securing data. Four SATA II hard disk bays offer up to 8TB of storage capacity, which is plenty of space for all sorts of digital photos, movies, and music. To keep data safe, the N4200 comes with multiple RAID modes, including RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and JBOD. The N4200 is equipped with Dual DOM technology, which uses a secondary DOM to reprogram the primary DOM in the event of a failure, and ensures maximum uptime and data availability. The N4200 can even handle itself during a power outage, thanks to the built-in battery backup module (BBM). Should the power go out for any reason, the N4200 automatically retains unwritten data in hard drives to maintain data integrity.

“Some memories are simply irreplaceable, which is why many home users would greatly benefit from the data security features of our new N4200,” said Florence Shih, Thecus General Manager. “Featuring both Dual DOM and battery backup, the all-new N4200 is the perfect device for storing, sharing, and securing all of our digital memories and media.”


 Hardware Platform




Intel® Atom™ Processor D510 

System Memory


LAN Interface

RJ-45x2 : 10/100/1000 BASE-TX Auto MDI/MDI-X

LCD indicator

  • HDD Power, Activity (Yellow) / Fail (Red)
  • LAN/WAN Activity (Green) /
  • USB COPY Busy (Blue)
  • USB COPY Fail (Red)

OLED Module

  • 2.8” OLED display
  • 4 buttons (ENTER, ESC, UP, DOWN)
  • Multi-lingual supported

Power Supply

External power adapter 19V input (support 2TB and above HDDx4 )

Disk Interface

SATA x4 for internal, 2x eSATA for external

Expansion Slot

PCI-e x1

USB Interface

USB 2.0 host port x6(Front x2, Back x4) (A Type)

Thermal/Fan control

  • Thermal sensor on system and processor temperature
  • System fan speed controlled by temperature

Real-time clock

Battery backup system clock


  • Power button
  • OLED button


Metal chassis

Li-ion Battery(mini-ups)

Built-in battery backup module (BBM)


Temperature : 5°C to 40°C 
Humidity : 0 ~ 80 % R.H. (Non-condensing)

2. Software Functions


RAID Modes

RAID 0, 1, 5, 6,10, JBOD







Online RAID Migration


Online RAID Expansion






RAID Volume Encryption

 AES 256bit


Power Management

Spins down while idle time setup


Supports roaming to other N4200 NAS

Bad Block Scan


Volume Management

Multiple RAID


Selectable File Systems




Fixed IP address, dynamic IP address

IP sharing mode

Can be enable/disabled

Link Aggregation

802.3ad, load balance, failover

Transport Protocols

TCP/IP, Appletalk

File Protocols


Data Access

Client OS support

  • Windows 2000/7/XP/2003/Vista